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We are Emlen Miles-Mattingly & Dasarte Yarnway

As African-American financial advisors, we have struggled to feel like we belong in the industry. 

Thanks to an Instagram message, we connected and found that we faced the same challenges. 

We have both been turned down for opportunities based on our race and don't want others to go through those same experiences. 

We are dedicated to creating a community where unrepresented advisors have a voice and feel respected and appreciated. 

"I feel deeply connected to Dasarte and Emlen’s mission with the Onyx: to support & lift up historically excluded communities. I truly believe that any advisor who feels marginalized and made to believe that the financial services industry isn’t for them has a home at Onyx.”

- Leighann Miko

“Many people say they want to see increased diversity and inclusion at industry events, but then they don’t know what to do about it. The Onyx Advisor Network and Advisor Circle have come up with a concrete solution that can actually make a difference.”

- Joshua Brown

"Excited to join ONYX today! Supporting and becoming a member with ONYX as they impact our profession was a no-brainer!

- Justin Castelli

ONYX Members in the Media! 

Diversifying investment firms’ supply chains poses challenges

"The industry has a chance to convert one of its strongest elements of culture to a powerful driver for diverse startups"

ONYX Co-Founder      Emlen Miles-Mattingly

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Millennials Will See Major Cuts in Social Security. Here’s How Big.

"Many millennials are planning for financial independence over the traditional retirement after working for a company their entire career. Financial independence brings the flexibility for travel, entrepreneurship, or other priorities."

ONYX Co-Founder Dasarte Yarnway

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8 topics advisors are prioritizing at INVEST 2022

Not all clients “necessarily need advice on what to invest in and what not to invest in. They just need some expert opinion on how crypto fits in their overall financial pictures.”
ONYX Founding Member - Samuel Deane

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Bitcoin boom leaves gun-shy advisors struggling to provide crypto guidance to clients

"Obviously, crypto is huge but we’re just not at all trained in this space. Even if you don’t want to recommend it as an investment, we should at least know enough to be able to discuss it." 
ONYX Founding Member - Bonnie Maize

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