#6: People First Financial Planning with Bonnie Maize

Season #1

Build a business around people. Putting the client at the center and assessing all their different needs will make the business last a lot longer. Being able to serve the people why you decided to start a business is very fulfilling to Bonnie Maize. 

Bonnie Maize is one of the founding members of the Onyx advisory network. She is the owner of Maize Financial that is focused on helping women, minority members, like LGBTQ, and racial minorities. Bonnie went to Law School and when she started a family she became a stay at home mom. She wants to still help people, and financial planning allows her to work from home and have a flexible job. 

Giving clients the experience and attention they deserve is what Maize Financial is all about. In this episode, Bonnie shares how they work for Maize Financial to be accessible and affordable for all people. How they value transparency and how important it is to be able to listen and be trusted by clients. 

Listen to this episode and figure out ways to become servant leaders in your community.



>> Bonnie Maize transitioning from Law School to Financial Planning

>> Why start from the place of what can people afford

>>  Working with the people and for the people

>> What type of people are attracted to Maize Financial's type of services

>> Challenges faced by Bonnie and Maze Financial with their “for the people model”

>> How do Bonnie and Maize Financial market to regular people on their website

>> Why is it so important to be transparent to clients and be specific of who you want to work with

>> Hacks for advisors trying to do the same thing

>> Bonnie’s biggest challenge in her practice and how she handles it

>> Bonnie’s vision for the industry and her practice in the next five years


Connect with Bonnie:

>> Website: www.maizefinancial.com/

>> LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/bonnie-maize-01759518b/

>> Twitter: @bonniemaizejd

>> Instagram: @maizefinancial


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