#5: Finding Your Niche with Jamie Clark CFP®

Season #1

We are part of a service-oriented industry filled with a wide variety of services offered. As a financial advisor or planner, it’s important that you find your own specialty!

Together with us in this episode is Jamie Clark CFP®, who specializes in Couple’s Financial Planning. After a career change, Jamie has found their niche in serving couples through their financial situations such as, deciding on whether to have joint or separate accounts. Through their dedicated work towards the clients they serve, they’ve seen the great impacts of the work that they do.

Your specialty will eventually become your advocacy to spark change in our industry. Let’s go!

Good news, Jamie’s firm, Ruby Pebble Financial Planning is now registered! Catch the launch of their website today www.rubypebblefp.com!


>> Getting into the Career

>> Building Professional Confidence through Education

>> Shifting Careers 

>> Niche: Couple’s Finances 

>> Separate accounts and Joint accounts

>> Building Teamwork: honoring the financial vision of your clients and helping them get there 

>> Finding your own Niche in the financial services industry 

>> Preventing yourself from inserting your own biases 


Connect with Jamie:

>> Twitter: @JamLClark 

 >> Instagram: @rubypebblefp


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