Career Growth and Mission Alignment with Chelsea Ransom Cooper CFP®

Season #1 Episode #2

Finding a career in a field that supports both your passion and professional goals and objectives has never been simple. Chelsea Ransom-Cooper CFP®, founder of (Women with Equity), went through this crossroad. She was aware that despite her professional achievement, she would always want to be able to help people with their finances. Making a big change during the pandemic, Chelsea teamed up with Jason Ray and (Zenith Wealth Partners). This was a deeply satisfying change for Chelsea because she knew this new venture was aligned with her personal purpose and mission. In this episode, she discusses her desire to help others and her mission to empower people through easily accessible wealth planning and financial education. Chelsea also discusses how Zenith looks out for its clients, putting them at the heart of all they do and how they align their mission with the team. Listen how Chelsea discovered her true calling and how you can too! Highlights: >> How Chelsea teamed up with Zenith Wealth Partners >> How her mission and work aligned >> Importance of having your work aligned with your mission >> How Zenith Wealth Partners is providing client-focused service >> Challenges of starting a business >> Providing opportunities for advisors and people of color >> Chelsea’s vision for the industry and her profession Connect with Chelsea: >> LinkedIn: ( >> Instagram: (@chelsea.cfp) >> Twitter: (@Chelsea_CFP) >> Facebook: (chelsea.ransom) >> Tiktok: (@chelsea_cfp) >> Website: ( >> Website: ( In case you missed it, listen to this episode with (Jason Wenk - Becoming a Committed Financial Advisor) Connect with Onyx Advisor Network: >> LinkedIn: (  >> Twitter: (@OnyxAdvisors) >> Website: ( Allies of the Industry Podcast is a place where we hear voices of underrepresented financial advisors on how they were able to start, scale, & sustain their practice. We have curated interviews from the best in the industry to share their thoughts, experiences and advice on working to promote diversity, equity, inclusivity and belonging in the financial services industry.  Through this podcast, let’s push towards an inclusive future with more opportunities and open doors for all minorities! Join our comprehensive entrepreneurial support platform for underrepresented financial advisors at Onyx Advisor Network (