It’s time to change the financial services industry. 

It’s time to change the face of wealth.



The financial services industry is mostly white and mostly men. America is not.


To those of us working for change: It's time we work together! 

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What's Included in the ONYX Community? 


ONYX Community is built for anyone in Financial Services who is willing to learn and work towards a more inclusive environment in our industry.

Exclusive Events

Community members get access to monthly member calls, partner webinars, workshops (like an automation co-working session with our Ops manager), & so much more! 


Community Members get major discounts to events like FutureProof & Riskalyze.

Also get 10-20% off subscriptions like SnappyKraken, EncoreEstate, Holistiplan, & more!


It is time we work together and have the Financial Services Industry look more like our country! 


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