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Trial, Error, Success & Growth with Tremaine Wills

Aug 25, 2023


 "Showing up beats not showing up 100% of the time" - Tremaine Wills

We're big fans of Tremaine Wills. Amongst many great things, one of the amazing things about her is her unapologetic audacious to "do." She's not afraid of experimenting with new methods to grow her business and market her firm.
In fact, even with her amazing skill of educating investors she still looks for new ways to build leverage and scale. In this episode we discuss:
• Her motivation and why she chose financial advice
• Being in an old-fashioned town, and why she went digital
• How she markets through video content
• How she built her confidence to produce content
• And what her goals for her firm are

Listen to this episode to be inspired. Tune in today! #RiseWithOnyx