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Becoming a Committed Financial Advisor with Jason Wenk

podcast Sep 07, 2022

Welcome to the first episode of Allies of the Industry! Together with ONYX Advisor Network, this podcast aims to be a safe space for underrepresented financial advisors to learn how to start, scale, and sustain their practice. If you’re one of them, you’ve come to the right place!

Joining us in launching this podcast is our great friend who was also with us during the humble beginnings of ONYX - Jason Wenk, CEO of Altruist and ONYX Partner. Jason was able to build the fastest-growing private company, FormulaFolios, which he achieved through a 13.927% 3-year growth rate and managed over $3.2 billion. Jason shares what led him to such victory and what financial advisors like you can do to be able to start your own journey.

We talk about taking calculated risks, being focused, committing to the process of executing what you’ve envisioned, committing to the clients you serve, and surrounding yourself with the right allies who have the same vision as you. Jason Wenk has the experience and testimony to show what it takes to be a financial advisor who makes an impact.

With focus, execution, and above all, commitment, you can live out your own success story!


>> Jason’s life story before establishing the “Altruist”

>> The vision behind creating Altruist

>> Important factors to consider in growing your business make your business grow

>> Advice for advisors in hitting that 10M Dollar mark 

>> What led him to partner with Onyx and how it has been since 

>> Jason’s “what if” story

>> The next step after setting the right foundations 


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Allies of the Industry Podcast is a place where we hear voices of underrepresented financial advisors on how they were able to start, scale, & sustain their practice. We have curated interviews from the best in the industry to share their thoughts, experiences and advice on working to promote diversity, equity, inclusivity and belonging in the financial services industry. 

Through this podcast, let’s push towards an inclusive future with more opportunities and open doors for all minorities!

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