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Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity, and Belonging in The Financial Service Industry

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Amplifying Overlooked Voices with Sonya Dreizler

Sep 25, 2023


Have you ever been to a conference and felt like you were alone?
How can this be? In a sea of professionals with a variety of engaging content you may feel like you just can't find your way.
Well, you're not alone.
This has been an issue since I've been in the industry, and probably long before that.
In this episode, Choir Co-Founder, Sonya Dreizler, joins us to talk about how she's making the conference and media landscape better for all.
In our conversation, we touch on:
• The current state of conferences and media
• How her company, Choir, is seeking to "diversify the room"
• Personal stories on lack of inclusion
• The ONYX & Choir partnership and how to get involved.

You don't want to miss this conversation. Tune in! #RiseWithOnyx