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The Midway Point

Nov 15, 2022

Halfway through Season 1 of Allies of the Industry, we’re looking back on the impactful lessons we’ve learned from our allies.

 We looked back on similar experiences we had with our guests, sectors that are new and unfamiliar to us, and fresh lessons we will be carrying with us from now on. 

Despite our many years of experience working in the financial services industry, we're still able to get incredible takeaways from our colleagues. That’s the great thing about having the right allies — you will continue to learn and grow as an individual, and as a professional. 

Join us in this podcast so you too can surround yourself with allies who have the same vision as yours. 


>> What we’ve learned from our guests: Jason Wenk and Bonnie Maize 

>> Relating the lessons to our own experiences in the field 

>> Jamie Clark: Couple’s Financing and Gender Sensitivity 

>> Brian Portnoy on the importance of having Human Connection 

>> Chelsea Ransom-Cooper’s knowledge on the processes that makes financial firms grow 

>> Finding “My Space” with Samuel Deane 

>> Our vision for the Growth of ONYX 


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Allies of the Industry Podcast is a place where we hear voices of underrepresented financial advisors on how they were able to start, scale, & sustain their practice. We have curated interviews from the best in the industry to share their thoughts, experiences and advice on working to promote diversity, equity, inclusivity and belonging in the financial services industry. 

 Through this podcast, let’s push towards an inclusive future with more opportunities and open doors for all minorities!

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