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Providing Compliance Solutions with Scott Gill

Nov 29, 2022

Compliance is a very important element of a business, yet many business owners are unaware how it can help them. The cost of non-compliance can be high, you may lose customers, deals, and investors. 

In this episode, Scott Gill will talk about how he helps advisors evaluate their business in a way that allows them to identify the areas of risk that are most likely to impact their firm's compliance program. It will  then help them feel less worry and make their businesses' run smoother. 

Avoid lawsuits and tarnishing your reputation. Listen now then contact Synergy RIA Compliance Solutions!


>>Providing compliance solutions for small to midsize registered advisors and  investment advisors

>> Keeping compliance as painless as possible

>> An effective compliance program will lead to decrease risk and increase profitability. 

>> Scott Gill and its relationship with Onyx Advisor Network 

>> Quality fund compliance program

>> Challenges for small to midsize registered investment advisors

>> The burden of creating an effective compliance program design

>> How important compliance is from a financial perspective

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