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Effective Time Management with Samuel Deane

Oct 05, 2022

When building a business, you have to build everything from the ground up, and you need to wear all of the hats from working the business to working for the business. And, it takes time to do it all!

Time management can be a bit challenging, but Samuel Deane figured out how he can spend his time wisely to grow his firm. Samuel Deane is the Founder and CEO of Deane Wealth Management, a rare and independent wealth management firm for tech employees. Instead of cold calling clients, he spends his time perfecting the inbound content marketing strategy that helps Dean Wealth Management to be successful. In this episode, Samuel shares the importance of time and figuring out what your time is worth. He also shares how he balances his time in working his firm and working for his firm.

It’s time to tune in! Time is becoming more important. Make sure that you are spending it in the right way.


>> Samuel Deane and Deane Wealth Management
>> The importance of time management and the worth of your time
>> Tracking your time and being disciplined is important when getting started
>> Be committed over motivated
>> What Samuel do to get back on track when he is distracted or on a bad day
>> How Samuel build the funnel of inbound content marketing strategy
>> Inbound content marketing strategy instead of cold calling
>> How inbound content marketing strategy helps in the success of Deane Wealth Management
>> Building genuine relationship with other financial advisors is a big factor in Samuel’s success
>> Time management on working the business and working for the business
>> Samuel Deane and Deane Wealth Management as your one-stop shop to anything related to money


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